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Let Them Be | Fresh Tomato Pasta

21 August 2010

We’ve been waiting for them. Every summer, there is a buzz about when they’ll be perfect. Impatience often leads to pink, grainy disappointment. When they’re ready, though, we’re always nearby, salt shaker in hand.

Maryland summer meals are really about three things: zucchini, corn, and tomatoes. Corn gets a sprinkling of Old Bay, and zucchini is so ubiquitous we have to bake grated cup after grated cup into muffins and breads just to keep up with it. I’ll cop to wasting a zucchini or two in my day, but to let a ripe tomato rot would be sacrilege. They are too special, too fleeting. And as much as I love a fresh tomato sauce with sautéed onion and garlic, it seemed sinful to put heat to the plum and strawberry-shaped varieties I had collected. I’d say the restraint paid off.

Hold back on the heat, but indulge instead on eating every bite of this pasta, particularly with a sauvignon blanc and outside, as the leftovers suffered their short stint in the fridge. The marinated tomatoes, without the pasta, would also make for an excellent bruschetta.

Click here for the recipe: Fresh Tomato Pasta

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