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Sorry, Baltimore, I Blame the Galette | Butternut Squash & Apple Galettes

30 September 2010

deluge-invoking galette
We are slated to get thirteen inches of rain in Baltimore today, maybe hail and tornadoes too. I am working from home, helplessly monitoring the water trickling down my back basement wall and seeping up through the floor of my 130-year-old home. I am commiserating with neighbors and Facebook friends whose French drains have given out, whose streets have been rendered impassable by flash floods, and whose electricity has been taken out by the wind. But I am finding solace in the company of my cats, the comfort of my yoga pants, and the imminence of my lunch, leftovers from last night’s galette dinner.

With the smell of spiced apples, the obstinance of the squash skin, and the first bites of this galette last night, I felt that the ceremony of ushering in autumn was complete. I didn’t realize at the time that this recipe had the power to invoke fall’s first deluge. After tasting it, though, I should have known, and I assure you, it is well worth a wet basement. I stashed one of the two galettes this recipe yields in the freezer, so I’ll choose my timing carefully before eating that one.

About halfway through making this recipe, I realized that it took twice as long in the oven as I had originally thought. We all know that we should recipes through carefully and in their entirety before starting to cook—why don’t we always do it? Luckily, I had roasted the butternut squash seeds, so we had those to snack on, along with some fantastic cheese that Mike came home with (that’s love, ladies). At the same time, I also started getting nervous that the galettes would end up too far on the sweeter side of savory. I briefly considered incorporating onions in some way, but I’m glad I trusted Dana, whose recipes (and generous advice) have never let me down. While I used a different galette dough, upped the amount of cheese slightly (okay, I doubled it), and adjusted some steps to suit my own habits, the flavors are right on target.

Click here for the recipe: Butternut Squash & Apple Galettes

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  1. 8 November 2010 6:11 pm

    OOh, I want to try this! I can’t tell- is it sweet or savory!?

  2. 8 November 2010 6:22 pm

    DessertDarling: I served this for dinner and would put it in the savory category. It does have some sweetness to it, but by no means enough to classify it as a dessert. It’s more along the lines of savory and sweet working together a la apples in your stuffing, raisins in your curry, syrup on your sausage, etc.

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