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Not Resolution Food | Pasta with Creamed Onions & Roasted Tomatoes

17 January 2011

pasta cream onion tomato
In order not to mislead you, I want to make something clear. I’m not giving you diet food just because it’s the beginning of a new year. If the crowds at my gym are any indication, I am the only person in my neighborhood who has not set a weight-loss resolution. I try to eat meals that fulfill my personal definition of healthy throughout the year, and I try to get some physical activity every day (yes, walking to the bar qualifies), so I’m not really changing anything in 2011 in that regard. I mean, look, I got an ice-cream maker for my birthday, and I’m going to use it. In fact, to prove that I’m resolute about this, I recently added pasta to a cream-based dish in order to lighten it up.

But wait! I’m not just going all Italian grandmother on you. I had my reasons. When I saw Deb’s post on Thomas Keller’s creamed onions, I knew that my allium-loving love would be all over them. But, as is often the case for vegetarians, I wanted to figure out how to turn a side dish into a real main dish. I might not like “resolution food,” but I also didn’t want to lap up a dinner-sized bowl of cream. I thought about serving the onions over a grain or a green, but since I knew I’d want some acidity for balance, and I have a bit of a crush on pasta with tomato cream sauce, I went in that direction instead.

This recipe also has the honor of being the first to break in my new Le Creuset French oven—thanks, Mom!

Click here for the recipe: Pasta with Creamed Onions & Roasted Tomatoes

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