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RachelHi there. I’m Rachel, a native Baltimorean, stubborn only child, cusp-riding Sagittarius, and hypocritical pescetarian who likes yoga, poems, and food. And wine. Also: vodka.

Will you think I’m pretentious if I tell you that I have a food philosophy? Those are for super fancy chefs who own bi-coastal restaurants and can get away with long gray ponytails, right? Eh, well, maybe I’ll have a long gray ponytail one day, but I can’t help being somewhat cerebral when it comes to what my hits my tongue and fuels my body.

The philosophy comes down to balance. Indulge, because your one life is brief, but do so nutritiously, in order that your life is not too brief. The recipes I feature will attempt to show you how this philosophy works out for me in practice. Hopefully you’ll get something out of it too.